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Seldom can you find a low cost housing project that is generously given space and resources for amenities and other similar equipments. Most often than not, low cost housing projects would only provide you with a housing space, nothing else. This is an entirely different scenario because residents of Fiesta Communities are given nice set of amenities to help engage everyone into socializing and giving more flesh to an already festive environment.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider Fiesta Communities for your new home:

Fresh Environment, Noise and Pollution Free.

Mostly provided by trees and plants, clean air cools down the heat of the sun, in and out of our home. With the presence of a vast grass matted open space, a fresher environment can be easily achieved. Since the community itself is distanced from main thoroughfares of Subic, you’ll be able to enjoy the noise and pollution free environment. This is much needed by the children.

Convenience, Comfort and Security.

The strategic location of the community defines the ease of your movements, in and out of Fiesta Communities Asinan. Schools, Markets, Hospitals, Churches, Banks and the likes are basic places that a household would be needing to be able to sustain a normal lifestyle. Comfort is not just an indoor experience, it may refer to a total sum of smooth experiences that could make you say, “all is well”. Fiesta Communities is not exactly a model community where things are near-perfect but on the average, residents are able to say “all is well” and sigh that feeling of great comfort. Security wise, Fiesta Communities is a fully gated community with entrance and exit guardhouse provisions. By not allowing intruders to get into the community is one big thing that would spell a safer environment. And since the entire place is a community of peace loving people, looking for one another as neighbors will be greatly encouraged among neighbors. A closed bond between residents and immediate neighbors will suppress any form of criminality from happening.

Amenities and Equipments Available.

Fiesta Communities in Asinan is proud to its own Bayanihan Hall, a towering symbol of cooperation and community involvement in all of their concerns. A great place for socialization of neighbors and community residents. This hall would be a great place for community meeting and even for private family gatherings like birthdays, anniversaries and wedding celebrations. Jogging tracks were also provided for people who love doing their morning health rituals. There is also a basketball court for everyone to use and enjoy. Basketball is a well-loved sports by most Filipinos. This provision would be great to foster camaderie among neighboring men. The more they engage in playing their favorite sports the more they are closely bonded as neighbors. There are also other outdoor game equipments that can be enjoyed by everyone say lawn tennis, volleyball and others.

  • Bayanihan Hall
  • Jogging track
  • Basketball Court
  • Outdoor Gym Equipments
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